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I, recently, took a short assignment advertised on the internet by a private family, school-aged children.  This is the foreigner compound accommodation for the Riyadh-area English teaching post:  female, native-speaker teacher.

This is my first non-school ESL job, and it’s quite different from an accredited post.  Learned a lot, much innovation required.

Heading back, stateside, on Monday.

img_1098 img_1099 img_1100 img_1101 img_1102LIVING ROOM

img_1111 img_1114 img_1119 img_1120 BEDROOM

img_1106  BATHROOM

img_1126 img_1105SHOWER

img_1108 img_1110WASH BOWL

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img_1122  BALCONY

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Professional Development: “How to Teach Pronunciation”


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT) sponsors monthly meetings in cities all over Saudi Arabia.  EFL/ESL Instructors working in the Kingdom can meet and greet fellow colleagues, as well as add to our professional knowledge (Eastern Province KSAALT meets in Dammam).  Guest speakers cover a range of topics related to bettering our skills as instructors of English to Arabic “mother tongue” students (Reading:  Whole Word vs Phonics Approach, Corpus Linguistics, Developing Effective Writing Rubrics, etc.).


This past Friday’s speaker was the esteemed Mr. Osama Elbeyaly, of Egypt.  He presented a workshop that expanded our knowledge while engaging us in steps similar to what our students should be exposed to.  Our chapter PRESIDENT is from the U.S.A., while her officers and members hail from Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom (Britain), Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Indonesia, and other places I can’t remember at the moment.  It’s an exciting time, and place, to be teaching English as a Second Language / English as a Foreign Language (ESL/EFL).

I thoroughly enjoy hearing input from fellow instructors, of all nationalities, about personal strategies and challenges we face in our classrooms.  It’s a wonderful way to spend a Friday night!

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“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go . . .”




The big question is, what will some Saudi English Prep Year Program teachers do with two months’ vacation time?   Here are some ideas:














“I’m leavin’ on a jet plane . . .”  (The Mamas and the Papas)

And, we’ll all be back at the end of August for Semester 351!

Riyadh Cultural Adventure


The Women-Only Hotel was quiet (because I assume everyone else woke up before 20140606_104256 10 a.m.), and peaceful (it is a resort and spa).

20140606_104313     20140606_134057  I got no “treatments.”  Just wanted to spend the night here!  Slept restfully and ate healthily.


The National Museum in Riyadh is expansive.

20140606_164405 20140606_164059 20140606_164454 20140606_164523 20140606_164902 20140606_165705 20140606_165745 20140606_170006 20140606_170205 20140606_170305 20140606_170553 20140606_172547 20140606_195400 20140606_200704 20140606_200756 20140606_203529 20140606_203319 20140606_203425 20140606_203444 20140606_203558 20140606_203619 20140606_203659 20140606_203733   Summer vacation is here!  And, our English Prep Year Program teaching staff are preparing to spend the next two months near, and far.  Godspeed!